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This test was VERY different than the monthly/weekly tests you see on your broadcast stations.

AR gave a great description of the evolution of CONELRAD to EBS to EAS. EAS has been around since around '97 or '98 but it was never truly nationwide. It relied on "Broadcast" channels and never came up on the cable channels. Yes, if you receive your local station on your satellite or cable you would see the tests but the hundreds of other cable channels were not included. If you were watching "Top Chef" or "Jersey Shore" you would have no idea anything was wrong other than that you're watching "Jersey Shore". Also, satellite radio was not in the system.

Yesterday's test was the first time that all channels were included in the national alert. It definitely didn't go perfectly but something of this scale rarely does work perfectly the first time and a lot will be learned from the failures that occurred yesterday. (Hopefully)

Once the broadcast systems are integrated then the local warning siren systems will also be integrated into the system.

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