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Exclamation iPad

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I can't believe I'm asking this question but recently I've had experience with a couple of friends who have IPads and use them for travel. From what I've seen they aren't bad for what my needs are.

The only negative would be the typing feature. I tried it on their's and it wasn't bad.

My needs are for photos, some writing and Internet access.

I purchased a netbook around two years ago and have used that for travel but I have to admit that I definitely don't "love" it. The small screen size and the keyboard can be "frustrating".

So my questions are: Who uses an IPad for travel? Does it fulfill your needs and what are those needs? Would you recommend it?

Wow -- if you have trouble with small screen size and keyboard, the iPad is not for you. Typing is extremely frustrating, and the keyboard sensitivity (which cannot be adjusted) is very bad ... the slightest touch from a sagging finger will put a string of ssssssssssss into your typing.

I plan to take the iPad on our next cruise, to use as a nook or kindle for reading books. I have downloaded free the complete works of Dickens, the complete works of Mark Twain, and Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike ... that should get me through 10 days at sea!

But I will use DWs laptop for picture editing and the onboard computer lab for email. The iPad would frustrate me terribly for that.

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