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cruise gift, not a scam so far....

We got a post card in the mail saying we got a cruise gift, ..Not a free cruise but a gift, if we would attend this presentation at a local hotel, we attended a 45 min presentation on a vacation type wholesales company, which we weren't going to buy into, and got vouchers for a cruise gift as long as we paid port fees and taxes, this was back in June of this year, we had 30 days to mail in our vouchers to have a chance to cruise on the off season, so we sent in the vouchers, and 3 weeks later they sent us a packet telling us what dates and when we could take the cruise, we had to pay a $99 non refundable fee to book, we paid the fee (cashiers check) and 4 weeks later we got information through the mail and email of the policies and who we could book from...basically we could pick any cruise we wanted off any ship we wanted as long as it was on the off season sept-dec we found the cruise we wanted Dec 11, off carnival for 7 days, they then told us we had to wait 30 days before the cruise ports, and we would get contacted through a travel agent, the agent books directly through the cruise line so when we book and pay the fees we will be able to track our stuff off the carnivals website, we got contacted yesterday by curisegift, giving us a break down of the fees and charges for our trip, we will be paying 159 per person for port fees and 74 for taxes they will be paying the rest, we have 7 days to consider booking or we could extend our cruise into the next year on the off season

basically they have done everything they said they were going to do, i think where people give out is the waiting period, they take forever to respond to your emails, but they tell you in advance they will contact you within 4-6 weeks, and they wait till the last minute to do so, so far we have invested $99 bucks back in June that's it, we got a break down in the email today of our cruise and fees, the cruise we picked is going to cost about $1500 bucks, if we pay the fees for port and taxes it comes to about 400 plus the $99 back in June, its basically taking a cruise for 2 and one goes free,......I will be able to ask the travel agent all the questions i want and also pick a good room or upgrade if i want,....we plan on going i30 days from now.

If i like what the travel agent is saying ill pay the $400 with my credit card and make sure carnival has us in the system and everything is set up as the agent says, if i don't like it i will cancel with my credit card company, i plan on buying insurance for the trip as well....ill keep you posted if things change...ill know all i need to by the end of this week,....
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