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Default Just got off the Triumph

I just got off the Triumph earlier this month. Beer drinkers told me they were paying $6 for a beer. I was buying rum punch the entire time and they charged me different amounts every time. Most times, I was charged 6.95 for a SMALL. Sometimes, I was charged 5.95. Once, I was charged 4.95. For a large rum punch, I was charged a whopping $14!!!

Just as a side note..Not that I encourage it...But I know of 5 women that each put a liter of alcohol (of their choice - vodka - rum, etc.) in their checked baggage. 4 of the 5 got their booze confiscated. the 5th managed to get her booze and keep it throughout the cruise (party at the 5th womans The ones who got theirs confiscated got their booze back at the end of the cruise so no real loss to them.

Just know that with automatic 15% gratuities, you will rack up quite a bill if you plan on partying a lot.

Have a great trip!
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