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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
First of all, we don't have such a thing as Black Friday in Canada. Probably Boxing Day sales come closest, but I discovered there's not even Boxing Day her in Nova Scotia!
Either way, you couldn't PAY me to shop on either one of those days. I'm not that desperate for a bargain, and I HATE crowds!

My hubby is exactly like you. He hates crowds and doesn't understand why I enjoy Black Friday shopping. It's because I hate normal shopping. Wandering aimlessly around the store looking for the perfect this or that. Black Friday shopping isn't normal shopping; it's a hunt. I get to do my research ahead of time. Determine each gift and which stores I'm going to. I also like standing in line the 1 or 2 before the stores open chatting with the other people in line. Once the first store is opens the game is afoot. I once got through Khols in 10 minutes and had 5 people christmas shopped for. I was the first person in the check out line. I finish all my Christmas shopping by 7:30AM that day.

This year because everyone is opening at midnight or earlier I can't do it. See my planning time is during thanksgiving dinner. My family goes through the ads circles what they like. After Thanksgiving dinner I do my list. With stores opening at Midnight; I would have to get there by 10PM. I don't have the time. So annoying they did this this year. What's wrong with opening at 4, 5, or 6AM like is normally.
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