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Jason Leppert
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Due to a slow internet connection and a far busier day than I anticipated, this latest post is coming to you a bit late and abbreviated. Still, there will certainly be more to come later today in the PM hours. Stay tuned. And even though my opening discussion has a culinary focus, the first few photos here are actually from Ice Odyssey, reviewed below.

With each new bite in the dining room, I’m coming to the realization that the food on Royal Caribbean has actually improved, in my opinion. While I previously considered it to be on par with my previous sailings aboard the line, I can honestly say that I’ve had a number of dishes in the main dining room now that have struck me as quite superb. Two nights ago, for instance, the restaurant featured an Italian themed menu. The Caprese salad offered fresh tomato rounds accented with delectable mozzarella and finished off with a light dressing. The small scallop risotto appetizer was surprisingly filling. And the southwestern slanted rigatoni with chorizo sausage slices, peppers, and onions was a flavor explosion. Well done Royal Caribbean.

Of course, the culinary options onboard Voyager of the Seas range from this fine variety to the diner variety with Johnny Rockets. I have always been a fan of 50s diners. There is just something special about the music from that time played from a coin-op paired with a big juicy cheeseburger, french fries, and a milkshake or Coca-Cola. Then take that combination and place it on the top deck of a cruise ship at sea. Now that may not be considered fine dining, but it sure is a culinary treat and my favorite dining venue onboard these sister ships. I have already made four visits.

Three nights ago we were entertained in Studio B, the alternative entertainment venue that is famous for its genuine ice skating rink. The humidity and heat of the Caribbean have been very intense these past few days, and yet inside the ship is this chilled wintery ice box where international skaters perform an intimate show that is absolutely dazzling. The show, Ice Odyssey, presents a certainly more abstract narrative that is not always entirely clear. However, you so quickly lose yourself to the vibrant performance of colorfully costumed skaters gliding gracefully across the cool surface. The music builds and the lighting enchants as these skaters begin to aggressively chisel the ice with increased speed and agility within just feet of where you are sitting.

The overall effect of the show succeeds more as a medley of tightly synchronized group choreography interspersed between solo and duo performances. At one point, one of the audience members is invited down to the floor and sat down at a throne that is then slid across the ice in unison with the skating action. In chromatic and musical tone, some numbers are light, and others are dark. One performance, in our case, showcased an individually featured skater who incorporates dozens of colorful hula-hoops into her beautifully kinetic act. Her athletic balance to spin several loops at a time around her limbs and torso simultaneously while skating is a sight to behold. As a member of the audience sitting in a chilled environment, you can’t help but be transported by the spectacle before you. This show is a must see.

Later today I will have a full report on the new cruise port of Falmouth, Jamaica and additional thoughts regarding onboard activities. TTFN, Tata for Now!
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