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Originally Posted by nmnita View Post
Well that's a new one on me: even TAs learn something every day. I am a part time smoker, I do not and would not consider smoking in a cabin (but did years ago) that being said, at this time there are no lines other than obviously MSC that has ban smoking in the cabins. That is usually one place you can smoke. There is no smoking in dining rooms, showrooms, some bars, usually one side of the pool deck, the spa, hallways etc. Smoking is allowed in cabins, balconies, part of the deck, part of the top floor bar which I think all lines have, and usually, at least a few other bars and lounges. ships are cracking down. NMnita
Not true-Celbrity does not allow smoking inthe cabin-neither does NCL or RCI. Celebrity also does not allow smoking on the balcony. After Jan,1- Princess will have a similar policy to Celebrity and HAL's policy will be similar to NCL and RCI-smoking on balcony will still be allowed.
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