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Default Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October

Dear Wimps:

The Captain will not sail you into a hurricane. He just won't. He's got good weather reports and terrific radar and other devices, and believe it or not, he can easily set a speed and course to avoid hurricanes. The guy would have to be a bonehead for you to meet up with a hurricane, and boneheads don't make captain.

Does this mean you won't encounter motion or rough seas. No, it doesn't. There's no way to guarantee completely calm waters. But you won't run into anything the ship can't easily handle. Plus, the gyro-controlled stabilizer fins on the ship generally do a pretty good job of minimizing side-to-side motion. If you suffer from motion sickness you're best off in a room midships (roughly halfway between the bow and the stern) and on a lower deck. Many people advocate the over-the-counter medication Bonine as a remedy. The skin patches seem to be somewhat out of favor. Others feel that the bracelets with the pressure beads are effective. Finally, the ship's doctor can administer shots if the other techniques don't work.

Most who post on this board are veterans of Celebrity cruises, many are multiple repeaters, and a large majority will tell you that Celebrity is an excellent line, one of the best.

Bermuda is a terrific destination. We went there on our honeymoon 33 years ago and have been back several times since. Have fun.

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