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Originally Posted by taoist View Post
Hello Daniel,

Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the position, unfortunately getting a position can take a very long time, often months maybe even as long as a year. From being offered a job to actually starting the job was about 6 months.
Recruiters get hundreds of applications for positions all the time, so unfortunately you can become a number lost in the pile.
Dont forget that within the cruise industry there are hundreds of agenices around the world all working to fill these positions on the ship. It is likely if one position comes up on a ship that you are interested there maybe 20-30 applicants from multiple different agenices possibly applying for the same position. Additionally there will be internal applicants as well.

Usually your best chance of getting a position on a ship, is registering and then waiting because at some point a situation may arise where they need someone urgently and you will have already been interviewed and can fill the slot.
so I finally got I am waiting to hear back. I feel like I am always waiting !!!! Seriously, how long does it take after the last interview with th e cruise lines to hear back if you got the job or not??
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