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Sadly, in my opinion, I agree.

But then I remember serniors who have no family (or those who aren't accepted by their families (which drives me insane) but that's another story) who get their Thanksgiving dinner at either restaurants or better yet, free Thanksgiving Dinners put forth by Churches and oranizations in this communityl Literally hundreds are served by such self serving and committed individuals to those who would ordinarily not be exposed to either the food or the fellowship of Thanksgiving.

I am proud to say that no one need do without both a wonderful meal and felllowship on this Holiday, at least in this part of the country. As a matter of fact, my neighbors across the street who are involved in every charity imaginable, will be serving such people tomorrowo. And to me, that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

I am blesseed beyond belief, as are most of us but we all must remember that there are many Who arent't. I last year attended a high dollar Thanksgiving Dinner at a top hotel in Knoxville. While i loved the food, it wasn't least to me. So many people forget the last half of the word "giving." And that is, to me, what it's all about. I personally make sure that no one of my knowledge, goes without on Thanksgiving. Such in no way makes me a better person, it merely gives me personal satisfaction.
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