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Default Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October

Dear Wimps ...

October is an IDEAL time for Bermuda. It's not as hot as it is in high summer.

Like PBP, we've done Bermuda on Meridian, Horizon and Zenith.

One thing, if you are worried about motion sickness ... DO NOT get an inside cabin.

Prophylactic Bonine (start the day before your cruise) is the best bet.

We have experienced some rock n' roll on the way to or from Bermuda, but I think it's kind of fun, old salt that I am.

If you start to feel sick (first clue, a non-specific headache) get yourself on a weather deck. DO NOT return to your cabin and lie down.

And don't worry about her- and him-icanes. No way is the Captain going to endanger himself, his crew, an expensive ship, and a boatload of litigious passengers. We once followed a hurricane (that WAS some kind of rock n' roll!) and once outran one on the way home. Ships travel MUCH faster than hurricanes.

While you are in Bermuda, why don't you do my husband's and my favorite thing? Stop into a liqour store, buy a can of Gosling's Dark n' Stormy for each (place same in paper bag) and board the "local" ferry which goes from Hamilton to the Royal Navy Dockyard.

You can do it one way and pick up a bus the other way or you can reverse and return.

E-mail me, if you want, and I will tell you about the greatest, almost private, beach on the island. I don't post it in public because EVERYONE would start showing up there !

Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming marriage. May your love for each other and love for cruising grow with every passing year.

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