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Talking Cheap massage

Originally Posted by Breshiki View Post
I know there’s more things to do on shore than what the cruise lines offer. Someone told me that she was able to get a massage on the beach for a great price without the cruise line.

How do I find one of these massages places or how should I go about looking for one? Any tips on what to look for in a good place vs bad place?

I’m sailing with RCCI in February/March and we’re stopping in Falmouth, Jamaica & Cozumel, Mexico.
HMMM -- cheap beach massage. Let me think. Walk through the hot sand, find a masseuse with no license, questionable hygiene, oils and lotions from goodness knows where, and a table that probably has not been sanitized for years. Pay $25.

OR -- go into the luxurious spa on the ship, have a trained and competent masseuse, in clean sanitized surroundings, with quality products. Then relax in the jacuzzi or thermal suite. Pay $125.

My choice -- an extra $100 on a trip that cost thousands is NOT going to bother me. I will take the luxury every time!

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