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Talking To each his own

Originally Posted by fun2cruiz View Post
Was thinking the same thing. I have done $25 massages on the beach...brought my own towel to lay on and oils for them to use. Never had a problem and have $100 worth of savings in my pocket to use as I please vs. MercedMike ....... But to each his or her own I guess !
Yep, to each his own. That is the nice thing about this board, we can get all sorts of different ideas and different slants on things! I am sorry if some people feel that having a different opinion is "putting a damper on things." I consider it to be opening up a discussion.

The way I choose to use my $100 is a luxurious massage. Whatever you choose to use your $100 on is, of course, up to you.

Honestly, I don't even really like going to the beach. That is why "walking through the hot sand" was the first thing on my list of things I don't like about a beach massage

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