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Default Re: Should I cruise to Bermuda in October

You just can't go wrong with Bermuda as your destination - it's the most beautiful place you can imagine. We just cruised there from NY in July (our 2nd cruise, but 8th trip to Bermuda). We went on the Horizon and it was great! Food, crew and everything was just wonderful. The day we left Bermuda for home, it was a bit rough, and foolishly, I thought a nap would help - wrong! When I woke up, my husband went out to the desk to get me meclazine, which they were dispensing to many others, and it helped a LOT! I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to dinner, but I made it, and things got better as the night went on. Good advice from Pam to NOT lie down! October is a grat time in Bermuda, from what I hear, so enjoy and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! BettyAnn
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