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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
If I can manage to sray alive until March 17. Ray and I shall be there.

C'mon folks, get on board. It sounds as if it's a wonderful cruise on a beautiful ship. And I so much want to meet all of the people that I love plus it's not that expensive.

If I could afford it I'd pay everyone's way but I'm not in that financial category. That being case, please come out and join the "Ray and Todd show." If you like "self deprecatory humor" and an honest guy who can even entertain those who've had a few "relaxation" beverages, I'm the guy who will get yourself in the "Spirit."

So let your hair down and let's party! There is definitely no better place than on the Epic. But you haave to make your reservations soon as I know the ship will be filled by the time it sails. Already, a lot of the cabinsare gone so please don'y delay@

I will be cruising beginning March 17 but alas on another cruise .We will be at 2 of the same ports but on different days. You will be there first.Perhaps you will leave a marker ?
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