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Talking Ordering

I like to browse through the entire menu. But I certainly can't order EVERYTHING or even something from each category every night. I either order what I like, or what looks interesting.

Some nights this is easy, appetizer, soup, salad, entree, dessert.

Other nights it might be two appetizers and no soup, or so on.

On some occasions I have been known to order three appetizers, soup, salad and no entree!

It is very common for Renée and I to order a side plate of pasta to split, and on HAL we always order the Bami Goreng to split when it is on the menu. Often we will both order dessert and then split the cheese plate. Or order dessert plus the ice cream or sherbert.

It used to be on lobster night that I just asked for extras and they always showed up. My record was four lobster tails on Princess to Alaska one night! But these days they are getting much more stingy about the lobster. Some lines are doing Surf N Turf with a very small lobster tail. In that case Renée and I each order it, she gets both filets and I get both lobsters.

And caviar is almost never on the MDR menu any more.

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