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I normally bring a couple bottles of wine on board, unless I'm going direct from the plane to the port; in that case I try to find a wine shop at our first stop. Last trip, in Spain, I bought some sherry that turned out to be particularly nice. Couldn't find it at my next stop, but did find some Spanish brandy, and a super-cheap boxed wine claiming to be the "best-selling Spanish wine in the world". HAL gave me no grief at all about bringing any of it on board. The wine was mediocre but made decent spritzers; and when it was gone I poured the rest of the brandy into the box, squeezed out the excess air, capped it tightly, wrapped it in tissue and put it in a plastic zip-top bag and then into my checked luggage for the flight home. It made it all the way with only one tiny damp spot on the tissue.
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