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[QUOTE=fun2cruiz;1403898]Perhaps the lack of reviews is due to the minimal audience available on this message board or is because of the excessive non cruise related posts that appear as well as the numerous "seeking companion" posts that seem to dwarf the newest posts daily !

In the end, the audience just seems to be "slack" on providing reviews of their cruises compared to other sites and "strong" in off topic subjects and friendly chatter.

Just my observations since being a member of CM for the past years

I can understand you disliking some off topic posts, but it's a bit contrary to also not like the activeness of the "seeking companion" posts. Those are directly "cruise related".

The off topic threads which seem to bother you, are really mostly the same dozen or so "actives" who are very prolific with sharing whatever thought crosses their minds.

Now to the original point of the OP. I don't know why people don't post more reviews. The site gets somewhere between 20 -30 thousand unique visitors a month; most of those visits are to our content areas.

Frankly, I'm not sure why they don't post their own reviews more...other than it takes time to write them.
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