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Steiner just bought out our spas and I just want to say that within a year our salary was cut TWICE!!! This company raised the price of our services to then turn around and cut our pay!! Not to mention, they added longer work weeks and business hours in addition to more techs now our books are practically empty. We are commission based employees only so we basically work for free!!! They capped our commission and we only get a raise every 3 years!!! YOU ARE UP FOR A RAISE ONLY IF YOU FALL UNDER A CERTAIN TIER!!! THE COMMISSION HAS BEEN BROUGHT DOWN TO 26% from 30% in one year!!! THEY HAVE ALSO REQUIRED US TO PAY MORE ON OUR HEALTHCARE! This company is pure evil, their response is if you don't like it leave. When they cut our pay the first time an employee asks if execs pay were cut as well and she was reamed by human resources and the regional manager for mentioning it. I hope steiner execs burns in hell. Keep treating your employees like crap and eventually this will be posted in the los angeles and new york times. I want the world to know about your demeaning employee treatment and fear tactics you treat us like second class disposable citizens.
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