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Default I did this interview

I'm also more of a shooting/editing guy and I also did this interview. Boy was it HARD! It was around 75% questions about technical things. The Carnival A/V Media staff is very much about the technical side of things.

For anyone who has this interview in the future, expect lots of questions about different types of cables, video formats and their specifics (How many KB per second in a typical NTSC video?), signals (both over cables and over the air), and how satellites and distribution systems work.

In the past I have only known enough about cables to get by (obvious things like a cable with a round end goes into a round plug and a cable with a square-shaped digital end goes into a square-shaped digital plug) but it's not enough for Carnival for you to know these things by sight. It's also important to know their names.

On the other hand, I did an interview to be a video guy for Norwegian a few months ago, and their questions were all about shooting, editing (FCP), and Photoshop. So don't expect every cruise line to give such a technically-based interview.
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