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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Maybe they do things differently over there by ships leaving from the US are much more lenient in their dress code & the dining room doors never close. Not that I would show up very late for regular dining but I'd almost venture to say they would accommodate a person arriving 1 hour after opening.
We very often go back to the main dining room for dessert since there desserts are always better than the buffet. At 9 PM in the evening the place is usually only 1/4 full of diners finishing up a late meal.
Fixed time dining is regarded as normal, with "freedom/anytime" also coming in. We tend to be required to turn up for dinner promptly as tables are arranged for groups of pre arranged numbers, don't know how it works on freedom style dining as we have not yet done it. On P&O for instance, they close the doors on the fixed sittings about 20 minutes after the time stated..dunno new one on me.
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