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Trip, if you or anyone else ever figure out the limits of human stupidity, then you or they will be the first in history to do so.
I can possibly-- and just barely possibly see someone accidentally flushing a towel down the toilet, but to do it twice indicates they did it purposely.
They should have been kicked off and and as it was a willful and malicious act, should be made to pay for the damages to the ship.I would think if I went to a nice resort on land and willfully damaged their property I would have to be accountable for the damages--same should apply to a ship.

RE / leaving people, I have little pity for anyone who misses the ship. I'm sure that there are rare times and circumstances that come up that are beyond the control of the person that could cause them to miss the ship but shopping late, staying too long in the bars, going off on their own without a clue as to where they are going, etc. are not, in my opinion , legit excuses for not being back aboard on time.
Over the years I've seen several people left and I figure if 2,999 can make it back on time, why can't the one or two?
Re / people getting put off the ship, I saw a couple get booted off the Freedom of the Seas before we even left the dock. It was last year, either last Jan or last Sept. but my wife and I were standing on the balcony on the side next to the facilities and knew we were late leaving by at least 15-20 minutes. We were just watching the dock area and saw this Sheriff's car pull up and about the same time saw Security bringing a couple and their luggage off the ship. The man was handcuffed. They were placed in the police car and hauled away. I really don't know what their problem was, except that the Capt. came on and made an announcement that we were late as there had been an " issue " with a couple of passengers and he had made the decision that it was better to disembark them now rather than probably have to at a later date. Good for him!
Later in the week I asked a security officer what the problem was and it seemed that there were several problems with the couple as soon as they boarded, the way they talked to the crew, locked themselves in their cabin, refused to attend life boat drill, etc to name a few.That's about all I could get from the officer but apparently they were intent on hell raising from the word go.
I sent Nancy an e-mail a couple of days ago about an upcoming cruise in a few weeks and she advised she was on the Grand Princess , etc. but made no mention about the bathrooms, etc---maybe she had to run and couldn't chat much !!
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