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Talking Missing the ship

Sailing out of San Maarten, the ship pulls straight out from the dock and heads straight out to sea. We were standing on our balcony watching the sailaway when we saw a small boat bouncing over the waves toward the ship. As it got nearer, a blonde girl climbed out on the front of the boat, holding on with one hand, waving at the ship with one hand, and trying to hold her mini skirt down with one hand! (Yes, I know...) The boat pulled up to the ship, and by now half the balconies were occupied with curious passengers. We could see about a dozen hands reaching out from the hatchway, and as the blonde made a leap into the waiting hands a huge cheer went up from the watchers!

Rumor around the ship later was that she was one of the dancers and just spent a little too long in the bars ashore.

That is missing the ship in high style!

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