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Default Top 10 accounting interview tips

Hi all,
I've already read an quite impressive article and I want to share with our community. Maybe it's helpful for someone...
Top 10 accouting interview tips.
1. Practice answering questions in front of the mirror especially if you have trouble speaking in front of others. The trick is to ask yourself questions which you think your potential employer may ask.
2. Before heading out enter a state of relaxed concentration to silence the negative comments circulating in your head. You can do this by meditating or visualizing yourself acing the interview and just watch the tension leave your shoulders as if it was never there to begin with.
3. ‘What do you know about our company?’ is one of the most common interview questions employers ask. Make sure you know about the organization’s specifics to ensure smooth sailing. If not, then make sure to call and ask about them before heading off.
4. The first thing interviewers will be presented with is your personal image. What you wear and how you carry yourself will be scrutinized as soon as you enter the door. Neat and tidy (not to mention non-flashy) clothes can go a long way when it comes to creating a positive impact on any prospective employer’s mind.
5. Don’t be late! Nothing puts off employers more than a late employee and a tardy interviewee just takes the cake. Try to reach your destination ahead of time by heading out early.
6. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. This will project a confident image and will prove advantageous especially if you manage to answer all questions without getting frazzled.
7. Don’t spew unnecessary information when they ask you to talk about yourself. Every answer you provide must ultimately assure them that you’re perfect for the position you’re being grilled for. You can do this by subtly including elements of your work life to match those of the job offered.
8. Ask what salary range the job can offer instead of making a specific guess. You may end up asking for too little or too much money otherwise. Try postponing this tricky question until you get a better understanding of the job requirements.
9. Clear up any misconceptions with the interviewer before leaving especially if they don’t come up. Make sure that you ask relevant questions at the end of the interview if you want them to have a positive stance regarding your aptitude.
10. Last but not least, be yourself! Be well prepared but allow yourself some spontaneity as well by being professional and real at the same time. Practice doing this by conducting trial runs with a good friend or sibling who you’re comfortable with. That accounting interview will go by so quickly and easily you won’t know what happened.
Good luck in your accouting interview!
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