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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I see that, but do you maybe feel that tipping in cash upsets the applecart & the the person getting the cash just has to hand it in to the pool?

When a Company says things like "For your convenience, we will automatically etc", I get a smile on my face...yea right I don't see how tipping "Traditional" upsets the applecart. Either way, your service provider is getting his/her tips.

Sorry....did not mean to post this thread to the Gripes board....wrongly thought I was posting under the Celebrity board. However, that said, in a way I quess this could be a gripe. I have have never been a fan of programs like automatically doing something for someone until told not to do so. I believe in "opt in NOT opt out. Let me decide how and if I want to tip....don't automatically do it for me under the pretense of "For your convenience, we will automatically etc".

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