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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
On formal nights I wear my dress pants for dinner & either a long sleeve dress shirt or Polo without the jacket since I like being comfortable on vacation. After dinner I change as fast as possible to my jeans & T shirt. When we went back to the AT restaurant for dessert at 9PM there were still some people eating dinner but jeans & T shirt were fine at that time of night, even if we wanted a full meal.

The only time jeans might be turned away from the dining room on Princess might be early on a formal evening but other than that people wear them all the time.
btw- The food is ALWAYS better in the dining room than the buffet and all the food selections are not the same as the DR. Sometimes they will have some of the same items but don't count on it.
I did a repositioning cruise last year on the Ruby Princess and saw several guys and a girl turned away for the dining room because of jeans. Maybe you just have not seen it. I have also seen it on Holland American and NCL. Of course this is not true in the buffet but for the Tranditional Dining Rooms seems to be the norm. Why would anyone want to dress in jeans for dinner anyway when it is suppose a nice dinner? Guess it takes all kinds and people with no class.
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