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Originally Posted by busterboy View Post
I did a repositioning cruise last year on the Ruby Princess and saw several guys and a girl turned away for the dining room because of jeans. Maybe you just have not seen it. I have also seen it on Holland American and NCL. Of course this is not true in the buffet but for the Tranditional Dining Rooms seems to be the norm. Why would anyone want to dress in jeans for dinner anyway when it is suppose a nice dinner? Guess it takes all kinds and people with no class.
I guess you didn't get the jest of my post. I would probably expect the head waiters to refuse entrance to people dressed in jeans & T shirts on a formal evening BUT at 9PM & later the dining rooms are winding down for the evening with a few stragglers finishing their dinners.
We eat early and just went back for dessert on a few different occasions and sat by ourselves at a table for 2. At that time of night you could have been dressed anyway you please & have been seated. They were more interested in cleaning up the DR for the next day along with serving the remaining people to get them out.

Perhaps I should have redressed in formal clothing for the late night dessert to satisfy some folks.
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