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Jamman I wish I did. I had the invoice to one of those cruises. That could take care of it. Here is the heart breaker to all of this. I had the invoice to my cruise on Mardi Gras in 1984. I put it in the memory book I made for that cruise. I lived in NH at that time. During one of my moves I stored things in my friends basement. Ultimately in my move to Florida those things got left behind. I was moving myself just in my van. I took just my clothes and little else. About 3 months ago the woman whose sister owns the house where my things were stored called me from Mass. She had taken my boxes and sorted them out. She was sending me my photo books and other things. It gets worse from here. She knew I was going on a cruise but wanted to send them on a Friday from Mass. I was leaving that Monday for my cruise. I would be back the following Saturday morning. We both figured that was safe. UPS has never got anything to me in a mere 7 days. So after work she took my 10 boxes to UPS and sent them on their merry way. Meanwhile I was relaxing on the serenity deck of Inspiration. Saturday morning we are coming into Tampa and I got my cell phone out and turned it on. I had a series of messages from a UPS driver asking when I would be home and each message getting more desperate than the last. When I arrived home I called UPS. They had tried 3 times to deliver the boxes. They had sent them back to Mass on Thursday. Now I ask you... when did UPS get so efficient? Six days?....Really? I just got a box of business cards that took 21 days to get here from Miami. Go figure. Anything else that might prove that I was on those cruises would be in those boxes too. So there goes that!

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