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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
Just out of curiosity....who is it that tracks the passenger to know they have violated?

If its the ship, then the "company" knows of the violation at some point.

If it is not the ship, who "orders" the ship to bill/fine the passenger?

Is it DHS, ICE, Treasury, Justice Dept? I

Is the Hotel Director enpowered with authority by some entity?:neutral:
Good questions. It's DHS and I think it happens more than we know and the ships avoid it unless it is noticed by DHS. They (DHS) fine the ship and the ship passes along the charges. At least that's what I understand.

I bet that HAL violates it a lot because of their HQ being in Seattle. Sales, TA's, Marketing, Cruise Management are not exempt and I bet they do it in order to save air fares. For example: If John Heald was on this cruise he would be in violation if he was brand ambassador, but not if he was the Cruise Director. Weird. The regulations say that crew involved in the everyday function of the ship are exempt. The only exception I found was for spouses of officers traveling with them on the ship.
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