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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
When a Company says things like "For your convenience, we will automatically etc", I get a smile on my face...yea right I don't see how tipping "Traditional" upsets the applecart. Either way, your service provider is getting his/her tips.

Sorry....did not mean to post this thread to the Gripes board....wrongly thought I was posting under the Celebrity board. However, that said, in a way I quess this could be a gripe. I have have never been a fan of programs like automatically doing something for someone until told not to do so. I believe in "opt in NOT opt out. Let me decide how and if I want to tip....don't automatically do it for me under the pretense of "For your convenience, we will automatically etc".
Even though I manage cruise ships for a living, I often laugh as well when I see the "For your convenience" stories.
How does it "upset the applecart" by tipping manually?

As soon as a guest removes the auto tips, it is reported to all department heads onboard. Lists of passengers who have removed the auto-tips are posted on notice boards in every department of the ship. Although it should not be the case, this list is viewed as black list of sorts.

1. Those department heads automatically assume that the tips were removed for poor service. They go after the crewmembers responsible for the passengers who removed the tips.

2. When you do tip cash to the staff who took care of you, they are required to turn in that cash, and it is added to the overall tipping pool. If the cash you gave as tips is less than the auto-tip, the employees involved typically take cash out of their pockets to make up the shortfall. That cash goes into the tipping pool as well. In effect, these waiters and cabin stewards end up tipping themselves (and their colleagues) for you.

Is any of this fair?
Not really.
But that is how the system works.
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