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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
The law doesn't apply to staff..only Passengers. This is how they get around entertainment getting on and off, John as a cruise director would loosely fall under this.

We're going to have to agree to disagree with your second post as you're the only person I've ever read saying you don't have to cancel. Everyone else has been forced to cancel or has not been able to book in the first place if it's a sharp rep doing the booking. I believe you mentioned on CC that you were unable to get the fact in writing from Carnival that they'd let you book and you would be responsible for the fine. It's not a if you're caught, Customs will catch it and will fine the cruise line.

And let me ask you the past, there have been lots of reports of people having to cancel after final payment when the cruise lines failed to catch the original booking... if the cruise line is willing to just say whatever, you're responsible if you get caught...why would they offer people $300+ OBC for the passenger's trouble or offer to rebate their changes in airfare? a cruise line would not do that out of pocket expense if it could just let you sail those itineraries at your own risk.
Depends on what you mean by staff. It may, and probably includes everyone on board, but it does not include all cruise line employees. It depends on their function. They cite several examples.

The in-writing part was not me. It was someone who asked for a guarantee in writing. I replied to him that CCL would never put anything in writing. They would not do anything to help facilitate them.

I don't know anything about any OBC being offered...I'm not following you on that. If they are fined, they pass that charge on to the pax.
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