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Originally Posted by fun2cruiz View Post
And you don't think that those that are working behind the scenes affect your cruise in some ways i.e. lido deck staff, cooks, laundry, etc.... ? Just because you do not come in contact directly with them does not mean they are not adding to your overall cruise experience !

Some folks just don't get it.....and you appear to be one of them !

Last time I checked, our cruise was not free. What is the thousands of dollars we paid for the cruise used for? When we go on a cruise, we don't spend much time dwelling on cooks, laundry room workers, lido deck staff etc. When you go to a land based Restaurant, do you tip the person who seats you, the person on the cash register, the cook, the cleaners, the company who washes their table cloths etc? Of course you don't! But I don't get it.

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