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AHarkins...first, welcome to CruiseMates and secondly, from this cruiser, I agree with you. We enjoy cruising and being at sea, we really do, but we find ourselves backing away a bit and doing land trips. I have 4 future cruise credits to use up and nothing booked. We were going to do a wine cruise, thought about it, and decided to just go to Napa instead..cheaper (shockingly) and better weather. We were looking for something in the spring, usually a cruise...I just booked a condo in Honolulu this morning for a week instead.

We're really starting to miss our own schedule when on a ship. We like waking up and deciding what to do that day. Do we want to explore or a beach day...yes, you can do that on a ship, as long as its confined to the port you happen to be at that day.

We'll still cruise, just more to places that a ship makes it easier to get Asia, South America, etc. but right now were more interested in visiting more places in detail than what a ship can provide.

and from a perspective of a non cruiser, my girlfriend is petrified of rogue waves, she will not step foot on a cruise ship.

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