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Default NCL's unexpected assist

We just got back from the NCL Star. There are 2 main dining rooms. We like the one at the very back of the ship. More elegant and windows on three sides. However, you have to get a beeper on deck 7, then, when it goes off, walk down to deck 6, where to dining room is.
The first night, just walking down that flight of stairs was really hard for me. The next day, there was an envelope in my cabin with a new cabin card and instructions. Turns out that the aft elevators have a slot near the call buttons. You slide the special card in and there is an elevator immediately there which takes you directly to deck 6. You then get priority seating.
This made my life a lot easier (well, my life on board ) and I did not even have to ask for help. The maitre d' apparently noticed and just contacted the front desk to set it up for me.
I was impressed that NCL set this up and then provided me with unexpected assistance.
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