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Donna: I hope you and James have a great time and enjoy your Winter getaway.

Good morning Cruisemates. It's a late one this morning. It was a rough night. My brain took a vacation yesterday afternoon and not being able to maneuver too well made things a bit of a problem. I need a replacement for Kramer. The knee was a bit sore after that and I had to break down about 4 a.m. this morning and take the pain killers and we had to re-wrap the knee and adjust the cast. It was a bit swollen but now it's doing fine.

Betty is off to my granddaughter's school for their annual Holiday Sale. The kids make crafts and the parents and grandparents buy it. My granddaughter made butterfly ornaments and is selling them for .50 each. Grandma will get there near the end of the sale so she'll probably buy whatever is leftover. I would have went but the most uncomfortable thing for me to do is ride in the car.

My sister and her husband will be here this afternoon and will spend the week with us. Betty has the rest of the week off of work so we will have time to visit.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Take care,
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