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Originally Posted by txbelle55 View Post
I am reading, as part of the Elite Status Perks you are able to go to the Concierge Lounge for social hour daily. Does anyone have any details, such as, the hours of the lounge, how many drinks are you allowed free and what types of drinks do they offer.

On RCCL it is from 5-830 pm with free beer, wine, sparkling wine and 25% off mixed drinks.
Celebrity does not have a Concierge Lounge like Royal Caribbean. They have an Elite social hour daily for breakfast and in the evening. It is usually held in Michaels in the morning and sometimes at Michael in the evening. If there are large numbers of Elite on the ship, they will usually hold it in the Sky Lounges. The morning event has coffees, continental breakfast and some drinks like bloody mary's etc.

The evening event has just had their hours changed to 5:30 to 7:30. You can get an unlimited amount of drinks however you are not permitted to leave the lounge with them They have a menu of drinks and it is pretty expansive. All the drinks are free during this period. I usually however do tip the waiters. They also serve hors d'oerves during the event. It is not held on embarkation day and the date of the Captains club event. You will receive info in your room as an Elite member.

Finally if you have not done so and have a Celebrity cruise booked, you must call Celebrity's Captains Club and get a Captains Club number. Also, have them associate your new number to your booking. You can't just board the ship and say I'm a C@A member, give me my perks.

Finally, you may enter the elite event with whoever is sharing the room with you, if you are traveling with friends or relatives who are not elite, they may not enter. The Elite event dress code is smart casual and they do enforce it, no shorts allowed.
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