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Originally Posted by PaulJude View Post
Are my partner and I the only ones who have had a hellious experience with Celebrity? Made reservations for the new Silouhette. Despite multiple calls....multiple corrections....15-20 minutes on hold for customer service, they repeatedly got our reservations wrong. Wrong name, email, etc. And when we finally got to customer service after about a hundred calls.....the response was "so we made a little mistake, so what". We were left feeling like the day of the cruise, we would show up at the dock and the would say "Sorry Paul, there's no reservation in that name". We cancelled right then and there. We'll stay with Seaborne and Regent.
Sounds like post is advertising for Seaborne and Regent

Deb and I have had over 20 cruises (17 with Celebrity). We used a TA our first cruise and sat there as she called the cruise lines for a price. Before we cruised, the price went down on a Friday night but the TA was not available until Monday...price had gone back up Nothing wrong in using a TA but would rather manage my own reservations. I deal directly with a Captains Club Rep and have never had a problem. I always research the cruise before calling and have found prices to be the same as booking Celebrity direct. I have never waited more than a minute to speak to someone.

Regardless if you use a TA or do it yourself, nothing is better than a Caribbean cruise in the cold month of Jan Our best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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