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Default What was your most interesting New Years Eve ?

For me it was New Years Eve ,1963 .I had just broken up with a girlfriend and had no plans to spend the evening .My friend Marvin invited me to a party at his girlfriends house . It was nearly 10 miles to travel .I did not have a car but Marvin assured me that he would drive me home after the party .

I took 3 buses and arrived at the party ,had a wonderful time and apptoximately 12:45 AM left to go home . However my friend was unable to start the car .We should have gone back to his girlfriends home and have her or her father drive us home but we decided to be adventurous and walk till we found a taxi. That did not occur as there were none in sight and we woulnd up walking to Marvins home .He wanted me to spend the rest of the night in his home and get a ride home in the morning but I was determined to get home as soon as possible and walked the rest of the way. It was nearly dawn as I arrived home ,went to bed and was awakened by my father 45 minutes later as he thought I had arrived home much earlier .
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