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Two years ago, we spent New Year's Eve in Petra, Jordan. Actually didn't overnight at the sight but in a hotel near the entrance. Had a wonderful eclectic buffet of food where they tried to satisfy everyone's favorites. Spending 31 December in Petra and 1 January at Wadi Rum were highlights of a wonderful two week trip to Israel and Jordan.

BTW, here is what I copied down from the menu (they had problems with their English):

Tonight we have a New Year's Eve dinner and party. We were given a copy of the menu. I do not know if their word processor is bad or they have a french keyboard. Regardless, the menu has items like pikils, chaines salad, cabbage roch salad, fried baby marrw, sour chicken livar, whole lamp, staffed meat medallion, staffed tarkye (at the carving station), and appel biy. There is also to be music and belly dancers.
A close second would have to be our first cruise on Radisson Seven Seas Mariner Dec 2002/Jan 2003. For New Year's Eve, we first had a show before dinner. At the show, they gave away all sorts of "door prizes." Arlene won a bottle of Dom Perignon; my step father a lessor champagne. We didn't win the big prize which was a free cruise. After a wonderful dinner, they had the celebration in the atrium. Waiters with caviar, chocolate, and champagne were flowing through the crowd. It was a magical night as it was our first New Year's Eve at sea.

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