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For me it was probably back in '72 when Fran and I hosted a New Year's Eve party in our one bedroom apartment. It was snowing heavily and really piling up and Fran just knew no one would show up. I said to relax, it was early yet. I asked her if she wanted a drink and Fran, who was not a drinker said yes so I made her one. She was so nervous she downed it in less than five minutes. A little while later she wanted another. Fifteen minutes after that no one had showed and she wanted yet another. That was the last thing she remembered until the next morning!

Turned out every last person showed up (Fran was really known for hosting great parties) and she only found out about it the next day. I took pictures of her out like a light on the bed with different people acting as if they were out of it alongside of her.

Told her next morning she missed one hell of a party. She was so embarrassed that she was afraid to go to work. I didn't help the angst when I said, "Wait until you see the pictures!"
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