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Originally Posted by janice2348 View Post

I am wary of travel agents, online or otherwise...
This is a common misperception that travel agents are paid by the travel buyers (they are not, they are paid by the travel sellers) or that Travel Agents will always steer you to the travel provider that pays them the highest commission.

That just isn't true - first of all, because the amounts different travel providers pay in commission do not vary enough to make it worthwhile to the travel agent to sell you something you may not like.

The travel agent is by far foremost concerned with winning you as a repeat client, and will do everything she can to make you happy. She stands to make far more money from you if you make just two bookings with her on any cruise line than she would ever make by steering you to a cruise line you did not like leading to you not coming back to her for a second booking.

I hope that makes sense.
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