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I had to go with food. Overall the quality, selection and preparation standards of food in the main dining room and buffet are lower than they were ten years ago.

I loved when the alternative restaurants were introduced and for a period of time the MDR food remained the same but it then began to decline.

From Celebrity to Carnival the menus have become smaller and "dumbed down". More comfort food options are being added and higher quality seafood and meats are becoming a thing of the past. You will not see a true New York or Sirloin on the menu. You now receive a "flat iron steak" but the little lobster tails are still served in order to make people think they are getting a "special" meal. Personally I'll take a Mahi Mahi with a turnip puree over a frozen 3 - 4 oz. warm water lobster tail.

The quality has moved to the alternative restaurants and sometimes they don't deliver but usually do. Now if you want the experience you had ten years ago you pay extra for it.

I couldn't choose destinations. Homeland cruising gives more people the opportunity to cruise without flying but the ports are the same as they always were and more seven day cruises are nothing more than a stop in Orlando, The Bahamas and the cruise line's private island. However, cruise lines have expanded to new markets and their are more European, Asian and Australian itineraries with many having overnight stops. This was something once exclusive to the Luxury Lines and a few of the longer Premium Line itineraries.

Cruising is still good and if you hadn't experienced "The Good Old Days" you won't notice the difference. I'll continue to take advantage of the new itineraries and continue to cruise. That is until the first "Cracker Barrel" franchise appears on a cruise ship.

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