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Originally Posted by kandajones View Post
Good morning Paul, and a Happy New year to you. Yes you are reading my comments axactly right, and it maybe just a British 'problem'. When we first started cruising in the 1980's everyone seemed to appreciate that the crew were working very hard, over very long hours, and away from their freidns and family for very long periods of time - certainly conditions that very few of us would be willing/able to put up with.
Recently we have seen
.. people turn up late for their meals (set dining times) and demand service, the Maitre D' having little option but to accpet this behavio(u)r.
.. pax clicking their fingers to get waiter's attention.
.. pax pushing their way into lifts before the occupants have had a chance to leave.
.. self service turning into a bun fight brawl
.. the loss of the words Please & Thankyou (my pet hates)
.. motorised wheel chair users driving dangerously & even hitting people
.. personal hygiene
.. diving into their meals instead of waiting for the other table companions to be served

I'm sure there are a lot more examples, but I better stop or I will fill up all of your server's space ;o)

Alan, I have believed that any ship would be great if I could choose all my fellow passengers. I have seen a little of what you report even on a luxury line; it is not pretty.

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