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I have managed cruise ships fo rthe past 32 years.
Since 2000, the decline in the quality of cruise passengers has been shocking.
The cruise lines are responsible for this development. In our efforts to sell every single cabin on every larger and larger ship, the heavy discounting has resulted in many new and undesirable passengers sailing with us. Many of these people cannot really afford to be on a cruise, but the cruise lines have made the base prices so low that it appears affordable to nearly everyone.

The results:
Poorly dressed passengers, causing endless debates about dress codes
Poorly behaved passengers, causing endless debates about enforcement of company policies.
Passengers with very low expectations, allowing cruise lines to get away with cutting quality and services.
Passengers with no prior travel experience, allowing cruise line staff to cut corners on services with few complaints.
Passengers who cannot afford to purchase anything on the ship, resulting in lower profits for the cruise line, resulting in higher prices for those who can afford to purchase something.
Passengers who will not or cannot afford to tip, resulting in much lower earnings for cruise line employees.
Lower earnings results in higher service staff turnover. Their replacements are lower quality and lower skilled.
Lower skilled service staff result in more complaints and lower tips/earnings, resulting in even higher staff turnover with even lower skilled staff replacing them.
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