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Originally Posted by DougR. View Post
Sue- your assessment of the food on NCL seems to match many other reviews or posts I have read. While I do not base my cruise decisions on reviews alone and tend to disreagard "cheerleader" and totally negative reviews, the vast majority of the reviews on NCL cite food as a big negative and have influenced me not to consider cruising on that line. Looking forward to your review.
Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean - no?

I sailed Royal Caribbean last year and it was easily the worst food I have eaten at sea esp the desserts. I didn't starve - easily my biggest and best meal of the day was breakfast served in my cabin. BTW I don't eat bacon - too fatty for me.

Half the ship came down with allegedly norovirus - I suspected food poisoning - reheated seafood pasta for 3 days in a row in the WJ - yuk!

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