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Originally Posted by Rick View Post
(Based on 2034 pax at $14 per person) If everyone tipped the recommended amount for a 14 day cruise on a Millie Class ship......Dining room management would receive $28,476.00. $2034.00 a day. Not bad pay I have no idea how many people split that amount.

I get tired of seeing many on these boards complain about and feel sorry for the so called under paid service people who work so very hard. The crew is not forced to work on the ship. They apply for a limited number of positions and know right up front approximately what they will make. If they don't like it then they do not have to take the job. If they do take the job and don't like it later...then they don't have to request contract renewal as many do. They are paid to provide a service and normally do that in an outstanding manner. Simple as that
Faulty reasoning has been the undoing of many a genius.
You say that $28,476.00 is not bad pay - but then you admit that you have no idea how many split that amount.

$28.5k is indeed a great pay amount for one or two people for 14 days.
But when it is split among 24 people, it is not quite so exciting.
Or if we look at it on a monthly scale:
$57k for the month, split amongst 24 people = $2375 each per month.

These fellows are required to work 13 hours per day x 7 days. Most work longer hours than that, but let's pretend they do not.

$2375 for 390 hours of work = $6.09 per hour.
Let's not forget the $2 per hour paid to them by the cruise line.

We could solve the financial and unemployment crises in America in one fell swoop by offering these fantastic jobs to Americans.

Let's see now.........
You work 13 hours a day in multiple split shifts, 7 days per week, with no days off for 6 to 10 months straight.
You are paid no overtime.
You get paid $8.09 per hour, before taxes.
When you go home on vacation, you are officially unemployed, receiving no vacation pay, no unemployment insurance, and no medical coverage.

Sign me up!!!!!
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