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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Jewel of the Seas - Royal Caribbean - no?

I sailed Royal Caribbean last year and it was easily the worst food I have eaten at sea esp the desserts. I didn't starve - easily my biggest and best meal of the day was breakfast served in my cabin. BTW I don't eat bacon - too fatty for me.

Half the ship came down with allegedly norovirus - I suspected food poisoning - reheated seafood pasta for 3 days in a row in the WJ - yuk!

I have changed my eating habits so I am not used to eating deserts much. However I had some on this cruise and boy it was bad <which was probably a good thing> Cardboard taste and plain ..yuck.Even my husband did not like it. They did have 1 ch cake one day we found at the Windjammer which was pretty good to our surprise. The coffee is another problem<not the taste>. during breakfast at the windjammer you have to go to the beverage station and they will pour you 1 cup. I am serious! Every time you want another cup you have to get up and get back to the beverage station. Not one single "waiter" came and asked if we wanted a refill. i was wondering why they dont give you a larger container for several cups of coffee? I ended up getting 2 cups at a time to bring back to my table.
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