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Well we also tried the Sea view cafe <free> once because it had a lot of options such as Fish&Chips. Being away from carbs since summer of 2010 I miss especially the Fish&Chips. It tasted fine but I had a hard time finding the fish among the batter and the french fries were terrible. I had a piece of Mango Cream cheese cake and after 1 bite gave it to Rick. However the view was stunning, the cafe is aft and to sit right there , the wind is blowing and the sun shinning , it made up for the food for sure! But thats also the place where a first time cruiser asked us if the food was like this on all cruise lines? they said it tasted like cafeteria style and did not like it. I assured them there are some cruise lines out there that have better food. I told them of our experience on Disney <cruised with them 4 times> and also on Princess. Now its been years and maybe it has changed but I hope it hasn't!
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