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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post

There was never a question of crew members being forced to work on ships. We are not. That's very clear to everyone.

There was never a question of crew members satisfied with working on ships. We are happy with our jobs. That's very clear to everyone.

The only question here is the one YOU raised with your post. You quoted a large amount of tip money, called it "not bad pay", then admitted that you had no idea how many people had to split that "not bad pay". Do you see any faulty reasoning there?

One of the few issues that upsets us on ships is some financial genius quoting numbers he knows nothing about, and then making some guess - usually very wrong - about how much money we make, then telling us to get another job if we are unhappy with his wrong assumptions.

Why don't you tell us all about YOUR salary?
If you are happy with your job, then whats the issue? AGAIN The main purpose of my post was to say I am tired of seeing posts saying how under-paid, over-worked and under appreciated the servce people are on cruise ships. Welcome to the world of working with the public. I think that overall, the service people do a fine job which they get paid to do.

I used Dining Room Management just as an as an example. No I don't know how many split it.....but being dining room management, I would think the maitre's and 2 assts. Bruce, I wish I was a financial genius. My salary ....I am just a typical under-paid, over taxed, over-worked and under appreciated guy as we all are. Our main pleasure is looking forward to our cruise each year. Keep up the good work, we really do appreciate it.

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