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Default Santa on a tender

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
But I was looking for that tender being pulled by the reindeer - I didn't see that picture.

Glad you had a nice cruise - but I am seriously wondering if they did bring in Santa on a tender - with or without hula girls. Is that part true or just a little embellishment to get us to look at your web site?
. No, Paul, that is really true. They had two reindeer cut out of plywood mounted on the front of the tender, jolly old St. Nick waving through the window, and the three intrepid hula girls actually dancing in the tender! There were so many people crowded at the railing that sadly I was not able to get a good picture of it. Below is the best I could do. If you look closely you can see the reindeer on the left, and Santa and a hula elf in the center. It was lots of fun.

The day before we had not even been able to make port in Kaui because of winds. But on Christmas Day the wind was gone and the water was very smooth for the tendering operations.


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